Thursday 12 December 2019

Market Mornings

The last time I wrote a blog post, I mentioned I was invited to do my Storytime at The Chase Market! It was brilliant! I was amazed to see some families from my previous library workshops had come especially for my Storytimes! :-) I had a funny Bridget Jones moment before I began though! Trying to get people's attention in a bustling market situation is not as easy as it may seem! At first, I politely announced I was beginning. Then, when no one reacted, I raised my voice a little louder! Still, no one reacted! Then my mum suggested I play the CD, and sure enough, the sound of my audiobook grabbed people's attention and families gathered around!

The Chase Market in Autumn

I did two workshops. The children loved my music audiobook and enjoyed the activities we did! I'm thrilled to announce that The Chase Market has invited me back! Sooooooo excited to announce I am taking part in their Christmas Market this Sunday! Not only will Music Audio Stories have a stall, but I am hosting two Christmas Storytimes for the children!

Full event details can be found here: christmas-at-the-chase-market

I'm also preparing for a Christmas performance with the children at a nursery next week! Teaching toddlers how to sing a song and do dance moves at the same time is so much fun! I can't wait for their parents to see them performing my song 'Christmas Magic'! I have other news but I will save it for another post!

Come and join me on Sunday at the market!


Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories at The Chase Market

Sunday 10 November 2019

Multitasking, my middle name!

The last few weeks have seemed a little mad! All my library visits are fantastic but my Halloween Inspired Storytimes seemed particularly epic! I visited four libraries and taught 139 children, maybe more! The best part was seeing the amazing response from the kids to my music audiobook! I was also blown away by some of the feedback I saw from the parents at the Barbican Centre! Lots of great comments and 10 Star ratings too! 💖

There were 52 people in Chiswick Library! Almost full capacity for the Children's Library! It was absolutely brilliant! I heard that tickets had sold out on Eventbrite the week before and so I brought extra supplies with me, and it's a good job that I had!

I had 57 children, the largest group of children I have ever taught at any one time, at Wimbledon Library! It was AMAZING! The library was buzzing and the children loved my audiobook and activities. I had to take my shoes off so I could carefully step around the children on the floor whilst they created their drawings! It was a wonderful way to end, what was my most successful library Storytimes yet!

Up and up I fly! ✯

Then it was back to being a musician again...

Rehearsals back on Bass. Followed by Storytime at nursery the next morning lol!

Then my one and only gig for this year at the Empire Bar, which was an absolute pleasure! One would think that after so many years of gigging, the buzz might have faded but in fact, I appreciate these precious moments on stage now, more than ever before.

This coming week, I'm doing more tennis, another music video shoot, and on Sunday 17th November Music Audio Stories will be at The Chase Market! It's a new weekly market in the heart of Wimbledon Chase, close to Wimbledon town centre. It provides a wonderful mix of local produce and community stalls. I love Wimbledon so this is super exciting for me! It's going to be another major multitasking job as I run our stall and host not one, but TWO Storytimes for the children! I can't wait!

Details of this event can be found here:

Multitasking, my middle name!


Monday 21 October 2019

Weird & Wonderful Storytimes

I'm back with my Halloween inspired Storytimes this week! I will be visiting libraries dotted all around London with my musical storytelling workshop which is based on my Music Audio Story called 'Weird & Wonderful'! It's a sweet tale about a centipede and his friends, a snail, a slug, and a spider.

Children learn about the bugs and experience how they live and the importance of us not stepping on them! I used unusual instruments in this audiobook such as the African Kalimba, Tapped Wine Glass sounds, the Pan Mallet, and some Jamaican instruments. It's nice for children to discover sounds of instruments they may never have heard before!

If you have little ones between the age of 2- 5 years, come and join me!

Halloween Inspired Storytime Dates

Tuesday 22nd October
Swiss Cottage Library 11:00am - 11:45am

Wednesday 23rd October
Barbican Children's Library - 11:00am - 11:45am

Thursday 24th October
Chiswick Library 11:00am - 11:45am

Friday 25th October
Wimbledon Library - 11:00am - 11:45am

I'm hoping to see lots of bugs, witches and wizards at the libraries!

It's going to be fun...


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Friday 18 October 2019

I won an Award!

WOWWWWWW!!! I won the What's On 4 Kids Award! ⭐🏆💝 I'm absolutely delighted! I cannot tell you how honoured and proud I am to receive this amazing award! I love visiting libraries with my Storytime and I put a tremendous amount of time and energy into organising my events for children all over London. Over the last few years, I have taught 3669 children at schools, nurseries, libraries, and community events all over London with Music Audio Stories! To be recognised for my hard work is truly heartwarming.

Over the last decade, the What's On 4 Kids Awards have celebrated the UK’s most exceptional kids’ clubs and classes as voted for by the experts – the parents and carers. Finalists, sponsors, and special guests are brought together for an awards ceremony in London. The ceremony, held on Friday 11th October 2019, was a celebration for children's activities professionals, their teams and the sector as a whole. This year a massive 80,000 parents and carers voted, and I was thrilled to win 'Most Loved Volunteer' - open to an individual providing children's activities anywhere in the UK on a voluntary basis.

Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories wins the What's On 4 Kids Award for Storytme with Anna-Christina

The list of finalists was read out and each person or company was applauded. When I heard my name called as the winner, it was surreal! I knew I was standing up and walking to the stage to collect the award but it felt like a dream! Each winner was given an opportunity to say a few words after they had been presented with their awards and gifts. My award was presented by Ben Sutcliffe, the Director of Executive Projects at Caudwell Children (who sponsored my award category). It was an honour to be part of such an inspiring and uplifting evening with people who are passionate about children's wellbeing, education, and entertainment.

Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories with Ben Sutcliffe Director of Executive Projects at Caudwell Children at the What's On 4 Kids Awards

MASSIVE thank you to everyone who voted for me to win this award! You are all AMAZING and it's because of you, that the award is now sitting in the Music Audio Stories Studio! Love, love, love you all!


Tuesday 1 October 2019

Autumn Falls

I can't believe we are in October already! Where is the time flying to? Last month was great but I have to admit, as the end of the year is approaching, I feel a slight sense of panic! I question whether I have accomplished enough and at the same time, I am proud of my progress!

The Hidden River Festival was brilliant! It was a lovely day and the weather was beautiful which made the event even more enjoyable.

It was a pleasure to be part of such a lovely festival with a great ethos based on community spirit, nature preserve, and family fun. All the things my company Music Audio Stories values!

We used our new Roller Banner and had a lovely big space to set up our merchandise. Our new CDs were a hit with the children! In fact, one excited little boy ran over to our table, grabbed a CD and ran off with it!  The CD reappeared a moment later when his slightly embarrassed father brought it back to us, before purchasing one of our Storytime Packages! 😆

Read more about this event here: our-day-at-hidden-river-festival

This month, I have been creating Mind-Maps and trying to get clear on my targets and goals for the rest of this year! I've been working closely with Jenika (my illustrator) and my closest friends to come up with solid plans for the future of Music Audio Stories! I feel so grateful to have such a strong team of people, always there to help, advise, be constructively critical and offer me support, at times when I need it the most.

Long term ideas are now taking shape and in time, everything will unfold. In the meantime, I have a few more events coming up beginning with my Halloween Inspired Storytimes, which I will tell you about later, and I am super happy to announce that I have recently completed my sixteenth Music Audio Story! 🎉 This story won't go into production until next year, as I am working on a few other audiobooks already.

I also played Bass in my friend's music video which was fun and I can confirm that I will be back on stage again with his band next month, which is exciting! Some people on Facebook have been asking me if they could see the TV interview I did with Dawattie Basdeo when we were interviewed live on BEN TV Breakfast Show! Well, here it is...



Friday 6 September 2019

Festival Fun!

I am delighted to be taking part in this year's Hidden River Festival 2019 next week Saturday! The Hidden River Festival is a free annual festival with live music, art, theatre, food, drinks, and creative workshops. Starting outside the Redmond Community Centre, the event continues along the New River Path to the Woodberry Wetlands, which serves as a stunning backdrop for the festival.

Not only will Music Audio Stories have a stall but I am also hosting 'Storytime with Anna-Christina' in the Redmond Community Centre at 12:15pm - 1:00pm and again at 3:45pm - 4:30pm! Children can take part in my fun circus Storytime which involves listening, learning, drawing, drama, singing, and dancing! This week I have been preparing for the festival, as we have new products and special offers I had to organise, plus we now have a lovely new Roller Banner for our stand! :-)

I invite everyone to attend this lovely day out and enjoy the live music, art, theatre, yummy food, and events for the whole family! Here are the details:

    Hidden River Festival

    Saturday 14th September
    12:00 noon to 6:00pm
    Story Time: 12:15pm - 1:00pm and 3:45pm - 4:30pm

    Redmond Community Centre
    Kayani Avenue
    N4 2HF
    Tube: Manor House
    Admission: Free family fun for all!

    Visit the Music Audio Stories Blog for more info here: Hidden River Festival 2019

    This will be a fantastic day out for everyone!

    So excited!

    See you at the festival...


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    Thursday 22 August 2019

    Exciting Developments and Transformations

    Oscar Wilde once said that "Life imitates Art" and in many ways, my life right now is imitating my art! My company, Music Audio Stories, is undergoing a transformation! Expanding, re-branding and evolving which has nudged me out of my comfort zone! In turn, I found that my own energy had become a little stagnant. I decided I needed to find new challenges and experiences! I felt I was in need of some outdoor activities!

    If you have read my previous blog post, you will know that I have recently taken up tennis as a hobby! I also had my first ever Horse Riding lesson!

    I had not been on a horse since I was a toddler and for some reason, I thought I feared them! I haven't spent a lot of time around horses and so I didn't really know much about them. In facing a "fear" I had, I discovered that I actually love horses!

    This is Maggie! Maggie was used to newbies like me and was super calm. I was a little nervous as I climbed up, and even more so when she first moved! However, as we took our first steps together, a strange calmness came over me too!

    It's pretty easy learning how to direct horses. What I found difficult was the position of the legs and feet! Your feet are not meant to be pointing down to the ground, but instead, they are positioned at a slight angle with the ball of your foot on the stirrup, so you can raise yourself up and down...

    All that Yoga core training really came in handy as I tried to rise upward and gently lower back on to the saddle! I wasn't always in sync with Maggie's movement and let's just say, the next day, sitting down was a challenge! 🤣 I absolutely LOVED my riding lesson and learning about Maggie and her daily life! I led her back to the stable feeling invigorated and super proud of myself!

    This is Billy! The largest horse I met at the stables! He is very gentle and magnificent! A little bird told me he is a bit lazy! I found him adorable and I was thrilled when I was allowed to lead him out of the stable to come and have a photograph taken with me!

    In discovering that I love horses, I have realised that perhaps I made up this so-called "fear" I had all along! Perhaps we think we fear things! Perhaps they are just unknown to us and yes, the unknown can be daunting! By allowing ourselves to experience things outside of our comfort zone, we realise that in fact, we can do anything we want to do!

    Spending time with Maggie, Billy and the other horses at the stables made me feel calm, peaceful and Zen-like! There was a spiritual exchange of love between us and it was therapeutic! So I guess what I'm trying to say is be bold! If you think you can't do something, do it anyway... You just might surprise yourself!

    And in turn, I also need to take this advice when growing Music Audio Stories! It's ok to be uncomfortable when expansion is in progress! Ultimately, we must always seek to grow and evolve in order to expand our lives and fully enjoy our spiritual journey!

    Be Bold!


    Tuesday 30 July 2019

    Finalist for the WO4K Award!

    WOW! I'm a finalist in this year's What's On 4 Kids Awards! I can't believe it! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me! I am over the moon! My wonderful friends, family, and followers have helped make this happen and I feel very grateful to have such amazing support! I am super proud of how far my Storytime has come and the journey continues to magical places I never thought it could do!

    The Award ceremony takes place in London on October 11th!
    I don't seem to have enough hours in the day right now! There's a lot going on in the Music Audio Stories world and lots of new exciting developments and transformations which I will tell you all about in my next Blog post!

    Thanks again everyone! Your support means the world to me!


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    Saturday 13 July 2019


    I recently decided to take up Tennis as my new hobby! The first step was to buy a Tennis racket! Hello world of a hundred different Tennis rackets!

    After a fair bit of research, I discovered that Wilson and Head are two of the best brands for rackets! My web designer warned me not to just buy one online, but to go and "feel" them in a sports shop! 
    I had no idea if I would have any type of feeling holding a Tennis racket! The last time I played I was a kid. Kids can do everything with anything! But still, I listened to him and off I went to one of the largest sports shops in London...

    At first, I saw so many shapes and sizes and colours and weights and I thought it would be impossible to choose one! But then I saw a very cool looking racket, checked the specs and knew it was 'The One'! I still asked an assistant for help though, and after I explained my grand plans, my hopes and dream of becoming a super Tennis player and the fact that I'm not sure if I can even hit the ball back over the net, I was surprised when he told me I had chosen the perfect racket for me!
    Always listen to your instincts!

    The second step was to look for cool places to go and play the Tennis! The test court...

    I badgered a poor unsuspecting friend to come and play with me and hit the courts!

    I'm so happy to report that I LOVE TENNIS! 🙌🙌🙌 It was brilliant and I have to say, I wasn't half as bad as I thought I would be! 😄 The next day, I was in total agony! 🥴 but what a great sport to play! It's so much fun and I'm definitely going to continue playing! I am planning on buying a new outfit, having a private lesson to learn the basics and then I will have a look at some of the clubs around. I have to join a club!

    If you are like me, and have always enjoyed watching Tennis on TV but never actually played it yourself, give it a go! You just might surprise yourself and find this is the perefct hobby for you too!

    See you on the courts!


    Thursday 4 July 2019

    July, got to fly!

    Lots going on this month, but before I tell you about my awesome July event with Music Audio Stories, I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me to win the What's On 4 Kids Award for 'Most Loved Volunteer'!

    When I first found out I had been nominated for this award, I felt overjoyed! To win any type of award is lovely but for me, it was more about my volunteering hard work being recognised!

    I feel I am rewarded all the time by the wonderful response I have to my Storytime and Audiobooks by both parents and children and this inspires me to always make sure I am doing my best for them.

    I am having the most amazing time on this unpredictable, magical journey with Music Audio Stories and I appreciate the love and support from all of you with all my heart! 💖

    I took some time out recently to find a new hobby (more on this later) and I had a lovely time listening to the great Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at The Royal Albert Hall when I attended The Planets: An HD Odyssey.

    images and footage were projected onto a giant screen, complementing Holst’s awe-inspiring suite, The Planets – inspired by the contrasting astrological qualities of the Solar System, featuring the much-loved movements, Mars and Jupiter.

    Other well-known themes, synonymous with outer space, including Star Wars, Also Sprach Zarathustra (featured in 2001: A Space Odyssey) and Beethoven’s Symphony No.7, Allegretto (featured in Disney’s Fantasia).

    The programme included…

    R. STRAUSS Also Sprach Zarathustra: Introduction (featured in 2001: A Space Odyssey)
    J. STRAUSS II Blue Danube Waltz (featured in 2001: A Space Odyssey)
    J.S. BACH, ORCH. STOKOWSKI Toccata and Fugue in D minor (featured in X-Men: Apocalypse)
    BEETHOVEN Symphony No.7: Allegretto (featured in Disney’s© Fantasia)
    WILLIAMS Star Wars: Main Theme
    HOLST The Planets

    It was brilliant!

    And so on to my July event which will be a rather special one!

    I am delighted to announce I have been invited to take part in Brompton Cemetery's Annual Open Day! Not only will Music Audio Stories have our own stall, but I am also hosting my Storytime in the beautiful newly refurbished chapel!

    This is such a rare and beautiful location for my Storytime! I have already visited the chapel and the acoustics are amazing! It's going to be magical! Full details of the event can be found here: brompton-open-day-fair

    I have more news coming your way but I think this post is long enough lol!

    Enjoy the sunshine everyone!


    Saturday 8 June 2019

    Vote for Storytime with AC!

    What a wonderful week of storytelling at Merton and London Libraries for my May Story Times last month! The weather was lovely and sunny every day, which is very helpful when you are carrying lots of bags! You can read all about it in my Blog Post here:

    Last Chance To Vote!

    If you haven't already, please go and vote for me to win the What's On 4 Kids Award! As I have mentioned before, to win 'Most Loved Volunteer' would mean the world to me as I dedicate so much time and energy to my Story Time for children and families in London! Please go and vote for me here: It only takes a few seconds to vote and I would greatly appreciate it! Voting closes this month! Every vote counts so please get voting! ♥


    I'm delighted to have been invited to take part in this year's Brompton Open Day Fair! I will have my own stall with Music Audio Stories goodies available and I am hosting a Story Time in the beautiful Chapel! You can join the Facebook event page here: So excited!

    I want to share this short interview with Dawattie Basdeo, the author of Natures Rainbow Mindfulness Meditations for Teens album, on why and where the inspiration for the album came from. Adie and I created this video for Dawattie using samples of music from the album we made. Enjoy!

    More exciting things coming up, but for now, thank you all for your continued support on this wonderful journey! Building the Music Audio Stories empire is so much fun but also very demanding and at times, overwhelming! However, I am loving every moment and I am very grateful to have your support.


    Wednesday 15 May 2019

    May I brighten your day!

    Wow! My Easter Library Tour was brilliant! Over two weeks in April, I visited seven beautiful libraries across London, taught and entertained 182 children ranging from babies and toddlers right up to 9-year-olds, collected 44 Easter egg drawings created by the children, and had an amazing time with all of the children and families at the libraries!

    Please do go and read my write-up and see photos in my Blog post here: This post took me two days to create but it was worth it because it really was a wonderful two weeks I will joyfully remember!

    In between my Storytimes, I'm in and out of the studio with Adie working on new audiobooks and I'm also working with my illustrator on my first book! My Music Audio Stories subscribers will be the first people to see some of our ideas as I like to treat my subscribers to previews of my work! So if you're not one already, sign up here: Subscribe :-)

    I'm delighted to have been nominated for a What's On 4 Kids Award! To win 'Most Loved Volunteer' would mean the world to me as I dedicate so much time and energy to my Storytime for children and families in London!

    Please go and vote for me here:

    It will only take you a few seconds to vote and I would greatly appreciate it! Every vote counts!
    And so on to my next Storytime events!

    May Half Term Storytime Dates

    Tuesday 28th May
    Shoe Lane Library 10:30am - 11:15am

    Wednesday 29th May
    Wimbledon Library - 11:00am - 11:45am

    Thursday 30th May
    Barbican Children's Library 11:00am - 11:45am

    Friday 31st May
    Chiswick Library - 11:00am - 11:45am

    This is going to be brilliant! So excited!

    See you there!


    Monday 1 April 2019

    Easter Egg Hunt!

    I'm delighted to announce my Easter Library Tour 2019, which I have been planning for months, is kicking off next week!

    My unique children's musical storytelling events will be based on my new Music Audio Story called 'Easter Egg Hunt' and will involve: listening, drawing, drama, singing, and all things Easter fun! I have template egg print-outs so children can create their own egg design and plastic egg props to use for the drama part at the end of the story. It's going to be so much fun!

    Full details of the event can be found here:

    As for the story itself, Adie and I had a lot of fun creating this one! It's such a joyful audiobook with a rather catchy Easter song and Adie has a great part as The Easter Bunny lol! In fact, there was another character I wrote for him, one of the little yellow chicks, which wasn't written particularly funny, but Adie had me in stitches when we recorded his voiceover for the chick! It's so funny! He really does have great comic timing!

    This week I'm doing a test run of my Easter Storytime at nursery which is going to be fun! I have ruled out giving out chocolate eggs as Music Audio Stories promotes healthy living and I feel it wouldn't be right for me to be handing out chocolate at events! Plus it can be potentially hazardous what with children's allergies or choking on the small eggs etc... Safety is one of many things I consider at my events!

    Anyway, keep an eye on my Twitter where I'll be posting all my Storytime shenanigans!

    Wishing you all a wonderful Easter and a great April month!


    Thursday 14 March 2019

    Mindful Living Show 2019

    I'm excited to be returning to this year's Mindful Living Show at The Business Design Centre running tomorrow, Friday 15th and Saturday 16th March! For the last two years, I have managed the Magnificent Me Magnificent You stall with author Dawattie Basdeo and we have always had a great time at this show! We will have copies of the album 'Nature’s Rainbow', the mindfulness meditation for teens album we made together, as well as other lovely things created by Dawattie.

    Here's information about the show...

    The Mindful Living Show is an annual event that offers a unique opportunity to learn more about the art of mindfulness and meditation and the different ways in which it can benefit your life. It's two unique days of learning, fun and relaxation.

    Ticket price includes free access to over 70 seminars and practice sessions with some of the greatest speakers, authors, teachers and minds in the worlds of mindfulness, meditation and relaxation including: Russell Brand, Russell Grant, Vidyamala Burch, Dr Patrizia Collard and many others (which you can see on the event website).

    Plus super proud that Dawattie is also a Speaker this year! Her presentation will be on Friday 12:00 - 12:30pm.

    "Magnificent Me Magnificent You - We Are One"
    A fun and playful session exploring cosmic flow within and without using the tools of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breath.

    Plus, your ticket will give you access to the NEW co-located show, including all seminars of - THE SLEEP SHOW (taking place on the same dates)!

    The show includes access to a range of fantastic features that will inform, educate and inspire, allowing you to pick up tips from the experts, further your practice and gain a greater understanding of how mindfulness can impact all areas of your life.

    The event will be held at:

    Business Design Centre

    52 Upper Street,
    N1 0QH

    It's going to be brilliant! I will be there on Saturday so come and say hello to me! ;-)


    Wednesday 6 March 2019

    Nominated for an Award!

    My first Storytime events of the year in February were absolutely brilliant! I love all of the libraries I visited and it was a pleasure to meet so many lovely children and families. There were about 100 people at Hammersmith Library alone! I'm definitely beginning to see great attendance results from online promotion and word of mouth spreading around London! My Storytimes are starting to feel like little performances! It truly was a magical week for me! Read more here: Billy's Circus at the Libraries.

    Speaking of Storytime with Anna-Christina...

    Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories nominated for a Whats On 4 Kids Award

    I'm delighted to announce I have been nominated for a What's on 4 Kids Award in the category of 'Most Loved Volunteer'! 💖 I have taught hundreds of children at libraries and community events all over London with my Music Audio Stories! 'Storytime with Anna-Christina' is brought to libraries free of charge so that everyone can participate and enjoy my events! I dedicate a lot of my time and energy as a volunteer and so to be nominated for this award, truly means a great deal to me. Details of this can be found here: Nominate Anna-Christina!

    Author, Composer Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories
    This month, I have meetings with festival organisers and at children's theatres, recording sessions and I'll be organising and preparing for my Easter Library Tour 2019!

    Plus I have a lot of work to do on the production of the new Easter story itself, including recording all of the character's voices and narration, as well as the mixing and mastering of the audiobook! And I will be reviewing new illustrations for my first picture book and finishing the score for my latest Music Audio Story, which is going to be an epic one!

    I will also be back at this year's Mindful Living Show but more on this in my next Blog Post...

    There really is a lot going on! Away I must go and hop to it all...

    March Madness indeed!


    Tuesday 12 February 2019

    February Fun!

    Soooo much to report, I hardly know where to begin! I have to admit, I am most definitely not working 9 to 5 at the moment! 😅

    Where to start... Umm ok, in my last Blog post, I mentioned that I was planning my first Storytimes in the Half Term Holiday in February! Well, I'm very pleased to announce that I will be visiting three libraries in the Hammersmith and Fulham area, and due to parents requests at my last Polka Theatre Workshops down in South London, Wimbledon Library!

    Storytime with Anna-Christina February Library Events

    All of these libraries are new to me! I have already popped into all of them to look at the space in the children's libraries and I was thrilled to see my poster was up everywhere!

    Storytime with Anna-Christina poster at Hammersmith Library

    If you have children between the age of 2-7 years old, come and join me at one of the libraries listed here: February Half Term Library Events.

    Billy's adventure's continue...

    New Storytime Package!

    Music Audio Stories have released our first Storytime Preschool and Nursery Package! ⭐

    I have always wanted to make these! There are only so many schools and nurseries I can visit in person! So I decided to make a package for the schools and nurseries which I can't visit. If you know of anyone who works in a school or nursery, or a home-school parent, please pass information of this package onto them here: Storytime Preschool and Nursery Package.

    It's great for stimulating listening and observation skills while enjoying group storytelling. It's fun and kids really love the story and doing the activities I have included in the package.😊

    Ok what else...

    Anna-Christina recording at Unit 2 StudiosThe recording I did in January was awesome! Live recording is so intense but I enjoyed every moment of it! It also helps when you love the musicians you are recording with! I will post news of the album when it is released.

    I have now booked all the dates for my Easter Library Tour 2019! and I will be back at The Mindful Living Show at The Business Design Centre next month again. I will tell you about  both of these events in my next Blog Post.

    With all of these events and of course creating my first picture book and a new audiobook in between all of this, there has been so much admin and work to do, I have hardly had time to stand still!

    Still, you all know how I love buzzing about!


    Thursday 17 January 2019

    Plan B!

    Happy January everyone! I really do hope 2019 has started happily for you all! I always feel such excitement and hope at the start of every New Year! It feels like we have another chance to grow our lives to new heights and maybe cross off some more of those "To Do" things from our lists! Last year, was such an awesome year for me, but this year, I want to think bigger! I've got BIG plans for 2019!

    Book Series!

    I scrapped my first book draft because I realised squeezing five stories into one book, was not a good idea! Instead, I have teamed up with a super illustrator, and together, we are creating a book series based on 'Storytime with Anna-Christina'!

    The first book, will be for one of my most popular audiobooks 'Billy Joins the Circus'! It's such a thrill to see the characters coming to life on the pages! The Storytime Package I released last year was based on this story and packages have sold like hot potatoes, so I know the demand is there! Plus picturebooks are just so beautiful!

    Storytime with Anna-Christina

    I'm super excited about Storytime this year too! Last year, my sessions really took off and families returned to my workshops repeatedly which was amazing! I'm beginning to get dates offered to me, and the demand for my Storytime is growing! I'm going to up my game this year...

    More dates, more libraries, more stories, more magic and a few more props lol!

    I'm planning my first sessions in the first Half Term Holiday in February, followed by my Easter Library Tour 2019 - Two weeks of library visits with my new Easter audiobook! It's going to be brilliant!

    Audiobook Releases

    Its been a while since I have released an audiobook! This year I have a few new stories I'd like to release beginning with my latest creation, 'Easter Egg Hunt'! Storytimes will be organised around each new release, so children will not only be able to listen to them, but also take part in the stories during my Storytime! I can't wait!

    There's a lot going on in the land of Music Audio Stories, so keep an eye on our website which has been recently update here:

    This week I'm recording Bass on my friend's album which I'm excited about! It's a live recording so I'd better get practicing! :-)


    Anna-Christina recording at Unit 2 Studios