Thursday 25 November 2021

Woman On A Mission

This is it! After what seemed like forever, admittedly it's only been about three months, I am finally back in the game! Over the last few weeks, I've been growing my workouts to the point where I'm now feeling pretty good!


The best part of getting my body back on track, is that now, finally I can run again, and you know what that means...

Tennis Time!!! :-)

My schedule of yoga, body conditioning, weight training, jogging, rowing, and ballet has really paid off! Now, I have to say, it hasn't been easy and even though I have days when I find exercising invigorating, most often I've found I had to force myself to do it!

I've only been running three laps around my local park! I'm not trying to lose weight, even though I've gained well over a stone in weight, I actually love my new curvier figure, but running is not something I particularly enjoy! On the days when I've been running, I have almost felt sick at the end!

My thought in these moments has been, 'Remember, this is for tennis'! 😆

Anyway, last weekend I finally made it back on the court and it was AMAZING!

Anna-Christina - Tennis
All the workout pain, see the torture equipment in the background, has been well worth it as I found my tennis ability wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be! Don't get me wrong, I was definitely rusty and cardio fitness is still an issue for me but overall, it went a lot better than I thought it would! It also helped that my tennis partner hasn't played without me, so he was rusty too lol!

I'm just so grateful to have my life back on track...

Throughout this period, I've been ridiculously busy with my company, Music Audio Stories! There's simply too many things to write in this blog post so instead, I'll just direct you to the website at so you can see all the cool stuff that has been going on there!

I will however, tell you that I've just finished a video series on how I created my children's picture book which you can see here:

I loved creating this series and yes, this does mean that my picture book is coming out soon! I'm sooooooo excited I can't even tell you!!!

♥ Anna-Christina