Wednesday 6 March 2019

Nominated for an Award!

My first Storytime events of the year in February were absolutely brilliant! I love all of the libraries I visited and it was a pleasure to meet so many lovely children and families. There were about 100 people at Hammersmith Library alone! I'm definitely beginning to see great attendance results from online promotion and word of mouth spreading around London! My Storytimes are starting to feel like little performances! It truly was a magical week for me! Read more here: Billy's Circus at the Libraries.

Speaking of Storytime with Anna-Christina...

Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories nominated for a Whats On 4 Kids Award

I'm delighted to announce I have been nominated for a What's on 4 Kids Award in the category of 'Most Loved Volunteer'! 💖 I have taught hundreds of children at libraries and community events all over London with my Music Audio Stories! 'Storytime with Anna-Christina' is brought to libraries free of charge so that everyone can participate and enjoy my events! I dedicate a lot of my time and energy as a volunteer and so to be nominated for this award, truly means a great deal to me. Details of this can be found here: Nominate Anna-Christina!

Author, Composer Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories
This month, I have meetings with festival organisers and at children's theatres, recording sessions and I'll be organising and preparing for my Easter Library Tour 2019!

Plus I have a lot of work to do on the production of the new Easter story itself, including recording all of the character's voices and narration, as well as the mixing and mastering of the audiobook! And I will be reviewing new illustrations for my first picture book and finishing the score for my latest Music Audio Story, which is going to be an epic one!

I will also be back at this year's Mindful Living Show but more on this in my next Blog Post...

There really is a lot going on! Away I must go and hop to it all...

March Madness indeed!


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