Sunday 23 October 2022

The BIG One!

Well, what a Summer that was! The last few months have been about picture book business, sell-out Storytimes, great events and lots of book signings! My Library Book Signing Tour was brilliant and there are too many experiences to write about here, but I will say, please go and read this blog post which concludes my tour:

Storytime with Anna Christina - Library Book Signing Tour 2022

Tada! I have some very special picture books for you! When I began my Music Audio Stories journey, I never could have imagined how dramatically it would change my life and how many unfamiliar situations it would put me in. If you follow my posts on social media, you would have noticed by now that I cover many many aspects, both in the creative and business fields.

One thing I didn't think of when I started to produce children's products was the fact that I would have to sell them. Sales! Another fun-filled world to learn about and not just online sales. Selling in person is not for the fainthearted! 🤣 

I was thrown in at the deep end a few years ago and it was a tough learning curve for me. There are sales techniques that help and are worth learning but one of the best lessons I have learned over the years from running stalls is to simply have fun!

Never put pressure on yourself to sell. It doesn't help! Just relax and enjoy telling people about the things you have created and leave expectations at home. Don't take lack of sales personally and always be prepared for the unexpected!

At this point, I must direct you to another blog post I wrote here: about the fun I had at this year's Hidden River Festival! As always, there's so much I want to tell you about but Music Audio Stories takes up so much of my time these days, that I have to be very selective with my time and so I move on quickly here to tell you about my next event. It's a BIG one...

Storytime with Anna Christina at MCM London Comic Con

I'm so proud to announce that my Storytime is heading to MCM London Comic Con! 🎉 This is the largest event and venue I'll have the privilege of performing at and I absolutely can't wait! Earlier this year, I brought my new picture book, Billy Joins the Circus, to MCM for Book Signing and it was brilliant. Now, I have been invited to do my fun interactive musical Circus Storytime for the children on Sunday 30th October at ExCel London. 

 Full event details and ticket link here:

Don’t miss out on the best weekend of the year and my super fun Circus Storytime. Your little ones are in for a treat!

See you there...

♥ Anna-Christina







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