Saturday 13 July 2019


I recently decided to take up Tennis as my new hobby! The first step was to buy a Tennis racket! Hello world of a hundred different Tennis rackets!

After a fair bit of research, I discovered that Wilson and Head are two of the best brands for rackets! My web designer warned me not to just buy one online, but to go and "feel" them in a sports shop! 
I had no idea if I would have any type of feeling holding a Tennis racket! The last time I played I was a kid. Kids can do everything with anything! But still, I listened to him and off I went to one of the largest sports shops in London...

At first, I saw so many shapes and sizes and colours and weights and I thought it would be impossible to choose one! But then I saw a very cool looking racket, checked the specs and knew it was 'The One'! I still asked an assistant for help though, and after I explained my grand plans, my hopes and dream of becoming a super Tennis player and the fact that I'm not sure if I can even hit the ball back over the net, I was surprised when he told me I had chosen the perfect racket for me!
Always listen to your instincts!

The second step was to look for cool places to go and play the Tennis! The test court...

I badgered a poor unsuspecting friend to come and play with me and hit the courts!

I'm so happy to report that I LOVE TENNIS! 🙌🙌🙌 It was brilliant and I have to say, I wasn't half as bad as I thought I would be! 😄 The next day, I was in total agony! 🥴 but what a great sport to play! It's so much fun and I'm definitely going to continue playing! I am planning on buying a new outfit, having a private lesson to learn the basics and then I will have a look at some of the clubs around. I have to join a club!

If you are like me, and have always enjoyed watching Tennis on TV but never actually played it yourself, give it a go! You just might surprise yourself and find this is the perefct hobby for you too!

See you on the courts!


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