Sunday 16 February 2020

Into The Vortex

It has been a while since my last blog post and a lot has happened! I feel like this is a significant point in time, both in my career and in my personal life. Recently, I have been spending a lot of time in nature finding inspiration, writing, and gaining clarity. Mystification is simple; clarity is the hardest thing of all. It's a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. If you find you are searching for clarity in any situation, try going into nature and you may find the answers to the questions you seek.

From nature, we learn, that everything grows and flows. Nothing is still, it's ever-moving, ever transforming. Ever hopeful. It's important to stay connected with yourself and to understand that you too are always transforming. Change can be painful but it's part of life. I am learning to embrace it!

After several weeks in the wilderness, I returned to civilisation with fresh ideas and new stories! In fact, my first audiobook of the year is already in the making! This is my 17th Music Audio Story and one I have wanted to write for a long time. It's about bookworms and I am going to dedicate it to the wonderful libraries I visit with my Storytime! Being in nature is the perfect place to find inspiration for my animal characters and this new story is one of my best! With my pen, I'll take over the WORLD! Ugh! Has anyone seen my pen?

This month, I was back in the studio working on the production of my new audiobook and rehearsing with David Ryder Prangley, who has just released his solo album! I'm so proud to be part of such a fantastic record with so many other talented musicians. Working with these guys really is amazing! Check out the album here: Black Magic & True Love.

I have more news but for now, don't look down, don't look back.
Look forward, look up.


“To the girls, to the women, to the mothers, to the daughters, who hear music bubbling within, please speak up, we need to hear your voices.”
-Hildur Guðnadóttir