Thursday 17 January 2019

Plan B!

Happy January everyone! I really do hope 2019 has started happily for you all! I always feel such excitement and hope at the start of every New Year! It feels like we have another chance to grow our lives to new heights and maybe cross off some more of those "To Do" things from our lists! Last year, was such an awesome year for me, but this year, I want to think bigger! I've got BIG plans for 2019!

Book Series!

I scrapped my first book draft because I realised squeezing five stories into one book, was not a good idea! Instead, I have teamed up with a super illustrator, and together, we are creating a book series based on 'Storytime with Anna-Christina'!

The first book, will be for one of my most popular audiobooks 'Billy Joins the Circus'! It's such a thrill to see the characters coming to life on the pages! The Storytime Package I released last year was based on this story and packages have sold like hot potatoes, so I know the demand is there! Plus picturebooks are just so beautiful!

Storytime with Anna-Christina

I'm super excited about Storytime this year too! Last year, my sessions really took off and families returned to my workshops repeatedly which was amazing! I'm beginning to get dates offered to me, and the demand for my Storytime is growing! I'm going to up my game this year...

More dates, more libraries, more stories, more magic and a few more props lol!

I'm planning my first sessions in the first Half Term Holiday in February, followed by my Easter Library Tour 2019 - Two weeks of library visits with my new Easter audiobook! It's going to be brilliant!

Audiobook Releases

Its been a while since I have released an audiobook! This year I have a few new stories I'd like to release beginning with my latest creation, 'Easter Egg Hunt'! Storytimes will be organised around each new release, so children will not only be able to listen to them, but also take part in the stories during my Storytime! I can't wait!

There's a lot going on in the land of Music Audio Stories, so keep an eye on our website which has been recently update here:

This week I'm recording Bass on my friend's album which I'm excited about! It's a live recording so I'd better get practicing! :-)


Anna-Christina recording at Unit 2 Studios

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