Monday 24 October 2016

How To Empower Women Financially!

Global Woman Entrepreneurship Forum

This Forum is designed to help women grow their confidence and empower themselves through gaining financial freedom. The aim is to encourage women to come together and play a role in building and empowering their communities. The event will bring together the most successful speakers and leaders who are redefining the pathways to power - in business, in communities and in the social causes they champion.

The Global Woman Entrepreneurship Forum aims to inspire, encourage and empower women financially from all types of backgrounds and ages, to take action and take charge of their lives. This event is designed to give you the tools and self-belief to empower you financially, as well as the courage to build or grow your own business. The speakers at this event are all entrepreneurs and leaders, who are passionate about their area of expertise and are happy to share quality tips and techniques for the growth and empowerment of the participants.

At this Event you will learn and be inspired to:

  • Set achievable goals for generating income that will pay for your lifestyle desires, provide you financial freedom, and give something back to the world or your community for the greater good.

  • Be the CEO of your life: Put your plans into action to make it happen.

  • Use business to change lives for the better – have a mindset to profit with a purpose.

  • Understand the attributes of a financially successful entrepreneur with a sustainable business model.

  • Navigate your way through the challenges and pitfalls, and learn how to manage cash-flow.

  • Successfully acquire funding and ethically make full use of resources at little or no cost that has a mutual benefit.

For more information and to book your ticket click here:

I can't wait to go...


Friday 21 October 2016

World of Living Fashion

During London Fashion Week in September I returned to the gorgeous Millennium Gloucester Hotel for an exclusive Fashion Show - World of Living Fashion (WOLF). Hosted by Lex Wolf (Wolf Media), the event consisted of a fashion show featuring music by DJ’s, singers and other entertainers. Afterwards there was an opportunity to exhibit and interact with guests with beverages and Champagne.

Each attendee was given a copy of the latest Fab UK Magazine and a goodie bag with Technic cosmetics in which was nice. There were lots of designers showcasing their work and we enjoyed many catwalks throughout the evening.

I had my picture taken by Michael Bryant 

I've been to quite a few fashion events lately and I must admit, I have really enjoyed them. Maybe creating original music for these types of events should be on my "To Do" list! :-D


Sunday 16 October 2016

Breakfast with a difference!

Last month I attended the Global Woman Magazine's Exclusive Networking Breakfast for the second time. It's a chance for female entrepreneurs and business owners to network. In truth, it's so much more than this! This Networking Breakfast is a breakfast with a difference!

Each lovely lady has the opportunity to tell us, not just about their businesses and ideas, but about who they are and how they began their journey towards their business. At times we laugh and it's amusing how we have experienced similar things. At times we become tearful listening to the hardships and obstacles people have had to overcome to get where they are today. Fascinating stories! I've never experienced the same warm and uplifting atmosphere at any other networking events I have been to.

 About Global Woman Magazine

The magazine highlights successful, professional and entrepreneurial women of all cultures and origins, not only living in the UK - but all over the globe. It shines a bright and positive light on their lives and business success and also shows how they have overcome adversity and challenges in their lives leading them to a brighter and happier life.

Here's an article about the event featuring a short interview with me! Business Networking Breakfast

Spot me in their video below!

Once again, it was a brilliant experience and an inspirational way to spend a morning.


Saturday 8 October 2016

Inside Digital Single Release

I'm so happy to announce today is the day my band Lilygun release our first Single from our second album! :-) This will be my first music release since my solo acoustic EP Pretty Little Lady? back in 2015!

Its taken longer than expected to get the new recordings out. Running my own business keeps me on the run 24/7 so I have to squeeze Lilygun in here and there when I can. However, the time has finally arrived and I can't wait for everyone to hear our new songs.

This first Single called Inside was the last song I wrote before suffering from a Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage. I decided it was fitting to release the song on the same date as the incident using my head X Ray as the cover! Bold... I know :-)

The sound of Lilygun has always been quite hard to pin down. Sure there's rock, goth, glam and grunge influences in there but I think this new album is going to be even more extreme than our first one in terms of diversity. Some of the songs are dark and heavy but there's a few songs that showcase a much softer side of Lilygun than people have heard in the past.

Watch the taster below and download the song here: