Sunday 24 April 2016

Global Woman Magazine

I was invited to the Global Woman Magazine's Exclusive Networking Breakfast. It was their second business networking event and was held in Central London last week on Friday 15th April. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I have to say, it was absolutely brilliant!  

Global Woman & Co

The magazine highlights successful, professional and entrepreneurial women of all cultures and origins, not only living in the UK – but all over the globe. It shines a bright and positive light on their lives and business success and also shows how they have overcome adversity and challenges in their lives leading them to a brighter and happier life.

I've done many nerve-racking things in my time but I have to say, getting up in front of a room full of business women to talk about my company Music Audio Stories at the Global Woman's Magazine offices, has got to be in my top five, most nerve-racking moments of my life! :-D

Anna-Christina talking at Global Woman Magazine's Exclusive Networking Breakfast
 Proudly talking about my business Music Audio Stories

I felt so proud of myself because I've had opportunities to pitch in the past (not that this was a pitch, more of an introduction to Music Audio Stories) but I didn't have the nerve for it! That day was my day and now that I've done it once, I know I can do it again.

I met some amazing businesswomen and entrepreneurs and it was truly inspiring listening to their stories and hearing about their businesses. Running a business/company is an amazing experience but there are so many jobs you are doing at once. So many hats that you must wear at the same time, especially when you are also creating the product yourself as I am. It can be overwhelming. So to hear that I am not alone and other women feel the same and are going through the same things as I am makes me feel somehow stronger. I haven't always found other women supportive so this new business world of women, for me, is extraordinary.

I found myself feeling all sorts of things I wasn't expecting to feel that morning. I realised, it's not just about how you run your business, but how you live your life. For the past two years, I've been on a mission with Music Audio Stories but also on a spiritual journey of my own and my life has transformed incredibly. Finally, I feel like everything is coming together for me. I don't need to separate the various areas of my life as I have been doing. It's all me. The more powerful we are as individuals, the more we can give our special talents to the world.

This is what happens when women support each other. See if you can spot me in this video looking very rosy! :-)


Anna-Christina at Global Woman Magazine's Exclusive Networking Breakfast 

It was a great experience and I feel privileged to be part of an amazing group of women making a difference in this world and inspiring others.


Monday 18 April 2016

London Business Show 2016

The London Business Show is a great opportunity to promote businesses. It is a powerful and productive platform for people who want to gain clients, promote projects, create publicity and get advice from mentors and entrepreneurs.

I'm a member of the London Entrepreneurs Network group. With over 25,000 members it is the ultimate networking and learning opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners in and around London and the UK. The group has been active since 2008. They help business professionals, investors and like-minded entrepreneurs, exchange knowledge and build successful new business partnerships. They cover all business sectors, so it's easy to make new contacts.

Last year I went to a seminar organized by them and I found it very useful. They hosted this year's London Business Show at Westminster Central Hall and once again, I found the event enjoyable and inspiring. It's wonderful to have the opportunity to speak with other business owners and entrepreneurs and I find I always pick up useful tips and ideas that help with running my own business. It's also very reassuring to hear the challenges of juggling many jobs at once from other business owners! At times, the amount of work can be overwhelming but it's all worth it in the end.



Monday 11 April 2016

Woman on a Mission!

I have recently visited many libraries across London to promote Music Audio Stories 'March of The Ants Drawing Challenge'. I was greeted by smiling faces at every library which was so nice. Everyone I've met at the libraries have been lovely and friendly and invited me back to do our unique Story Time for the children.

Over 10% of UK libraries are currently under threat. Library closures and cutbacks are a serious problem. More than 400 libraries have closed in Britain in the last five years due to budget cuts, technology and the internet age.

Due to this, I have decided I want to give back to the community and help to save our libraries. I will be dedicating my time to this cause over the next few Half Term holidays! I'm very excited about this and I urge everyone to support their local library. They are important places for us and our children.


Monday 4 April 2016

Adventures in Wonderland

To celebrate 150 years of the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at The British Library explores how Alice has captured our imaginations for so many years.

Although the story has been adapted, appropriated, re-imagined and re-illustrated since its conception, we are still enchanted by Carroll’s original, much loved story, which continues to inspire new generations of writers and illustrators.
Come and see Lewis Carroll’s original manuscript with hand-drawn illustrations, alongside stunning editions by Mervyn Peake, Ralph Steadman, Leonard Weisgard, Arthur Rackham, Salvador Dali and others.
Discover how Lewis Carroll’s story has been re-imagined, re-interpreted and re-illustrated over the last 150 years with newly commissioned articles, a selection of manuscripts, reviews and literature relating to Alice in Wonderland.
- See more at:
The story has been adapted and re-illustrated since its conception. Lewis Carroll’s original, much loved story, continues to inspire new generations of writers and illustrators.

The exhibition was wonderful and I saw the original manuscripts with hand-drawn illustrations, alongside stunning editions by Mervyn Peake, Ralph Steadman, Leonard Weisgard, Arthur Rackham, Salvador Dali and others.

I spent a lovely afternoon absorbed in everything Alice and found it very inspiring. It's strange to think of myself as a children's author, well a children's audio book author to be precise, because I think of myself first as a composer and musician, however I feel privileged to be part of the author's world!

Very soon I'll have my own books too which will be such a joy for me and I'm so excited that I have the opportunity to be part of the extraordinary process of making a children's book!

I went back to the British Library yesterday and visited the Pop-up Shop full of Alice-inspired products. It's so beautiful!

Alice-inspired products in our first ever Pop-up Shop - See more at:

And I brought this amazing book and 'Drink me' bottle which I Loooooove!

This exhibition closes next week so hurry along if you want to see it. I highly recommend it ;-)