Thursday 22 August 2019

Exciting Developments and Transformations

Oscar Wilde once said that "Life imitates Art" and in many ways, my life right now is imitating my art! My company, Music Audio Stories, is undergoing a transformation! Expanding, re-branding and evolving which has nudged me out of my comfort zone! In turn, I found that my own energy had become a little stagnant. I decided I needed to find new challenges and experiences! I felt I was in need of some outdoor activities!

If you have read my previous blog post, you will know that I have recently taken up tennis as a hobby! I also had my first ever Horse Riding lesson!

I had not been on a horse since I was a toddler and for some reason, I thought I feared them! I haven't spent a lot of time around horses and so I didn't really know much about them. In facing a "fear" I had, I discovered that I actually love horses!

This is Maggie! Maggie was used to newbies like me and was super calm. I was a little nervous as I climbed up, and even more so when she first moved! However, as we took our first steps together, a strange calmness came over me too!

It's pretty easy learning how to direct horses. What I found difficult was the position of the legs and feet! Your feet are not meant to be pointing down to the ground, but instead, they are positioned at a slight angle with the ball of your foot on the stirrup, so you can raise yourself up and down...

All that Yoga core training really came in handy as I tried to rise upward and gently lower back on to the saddle! I wasn't always in sync with Maggie's movement and let's just say, the next day, sitting down was a challenge! 🤣 I absolutely LOVED my riding lesson and learning about Maggie and her daily life! I led her back to the stable feeling invigorated and super proud of myself!

This is Billy! The largest horse I met at the stables! He is very gentle and magnificent! A little bird told me he is a bit lazy! I found him adorable and I was thrilled when I was allowed to lead him out of the stable to come and have a photograph taken with me!

In discovering that I love horses, I have realised that perhaps I made up this so-called "fear" I had all along! Perhaps we think we fear things! Perhaps they are just unknown to us and yes, the unknown can be daunting! By allowing ourselves to experience things outside of our comfort zone, we realise that in fact, we can do anything we want to do!

Spending time with Maggie, Billy and the other horses at the stables made me feel calm, peaceful and Zen-like! There was a spiritual exchange of love between us and it was therapeutic! So I guess what I'm trying to say is be bold! If you think you can't do something, do it anyway... You just might surprise yourself!

And in turn, I also need to take this advice when growing Music Audio Stories! It's ok to be uncomfortable when expansion is in progress! Ultimately, we must always seek to grow and evolve in order to expand our lives and fully enjoy our spiritual journey!

Be Bold!