Thursday 12 December 2019

Market Mornings

The last time I wrote a blog post, I mentioned I was invited to do my Storytime at The Chase Market! It was brilliant! I was amazed to see some families from my previous library workshops had come especially for my Storytimes! :-) I had a funny Bridget Jones moment before I began though! Trying to get people's attention in a bustling market situation is not as easy as it may seem! At first, I politely announced I was beginning. Then, when no one reacted, I raised my voice a little louder! Still, no one reacted! Then my mum suggested I play the CD, and sure enough, the sound of my audiobook grabbed people's attention and families gathered around!

The Chase Market in Autumn

I did two workshops. The children loved my music audiobook and enjoyed the activities we did! I'm thrilled to announce that The Chase Market has invited me back! Sooooooo excited to announce I am taking part in their Christmas Market this Sunday! Not only will Music Audio Stories have a stall, but I am hosting two Christmas Storytimes for the children!

Full event details can be found here: christmas-at-the-chase-market

I'm also preparing for a Christmas performance with the children at a nursery next week! Teaching toddlers how to sing a song and do dance moves at the same time is so much fun! I can't wait for their parents to see them performing my song 'Christmas Magic'! I have other news but I will save it for another post!

Come and join me on Sunday at the market!


Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories at The Chase Market