Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My Spiritual Retreat Weekend Away!

I spent my weekend at a Spiritual Retreat in Worthing! I left London early on Friday morning not knowing what to expect but heard it was near a beach and the idea of escaping the mad rush of London life for a few days appealed to me. No TV, radio or computers for a whole weekend sounded great! Deciding what clothes to bring was tricky; the dress-code said “modest and casual”. I ruled out band t-shirts and anything with a skull on!

I arrived at the Retreat at around 2.30pm and my first impression was what a beautiful location it was in! It was directly facing the sea-front, which looked very similar to Brighton, only a lot quieter and seeing as the sun was shining high in the sky; it looked like a picture on a postcard. The Retreat itself was one of many white terraced houses and as I was greeted at the door by a very kind and happy face, I realised this was the first time I had travelled anywhere alone in a long time. Inside was immaculately clean. There was a reception, seating area, dining room, kitchen and one of the lecture rooms. It felt calm and peaceful. I was directed up a cream staircase in my socks (no shoes allowed) to my room. Room 10! It was very nice.

Over the following days there were some interesting, fun and insightful talks all based on Self-Respect. Raja Yoga Meditation was included as well as some enjoyable exercises. I was part of a group of 20 lovely ladies from all different nationalities, backgrounds and ages and it was amazing how much we all had in common!

We talked and laughed a lot and at times, emotions poured out. We drank lots of herbal tea and eat delicious healthy vegetarian food. After meals, everyone helped with the washing and drying up and it was a pretty hectic schedule, though I did get time to sit quietly on the beach a few times to reflect on it all. I just about made the Sunday morning Murli at 6am and saw the sunrise on the beach outside the window which was lovely. Two more sessions, tea and emotional goodbyes and I was back at the station with my little purple suitcase heading back to London.

I tried to write about my experiences on the train but I feel I will need some time to properly absorb the whole experience. What I can say, is that I returned home a very peaceful, relaxed and happy little lady! Sometimes in all the noisy and busy lives we lead we forget about our spiritual wellbeing. We all need to take time to reconnect and remember the important things in life.

I would highly recommend a Spiritual Retreat whenever you can go on one. It was a truly mind-changing, positive, uplifting and wonderful experience and I wish for everyone to discover the kind of peace I have felt since I have been home.


Monday, 5 May 2014

Bank Holiday Happy Monday!

I've had a crazy busy last few weeks but today, on Band Holiday Monday, I am taking a much needed day off! No admin, composing or computers, except for posting this! :-)
So here's what I have been up to...

I've written two new Music Audio Stories and production for both of them have already began which is really exciting! I'm working on a new Showreel which will feature predominantly classical piano compositions and I'm also working on several more new pieces too. I've recently updated my studio set up so things are taking a little longer than they normally would as I am still getting used to how everything works! 

I spent an interesting afternoon at The Royal College of Music this week when I attended a Composition Workshop. I have to admit, I didn't agree with a few things the tutor said about what's required to be a great composer but I guess that's the Rock'n'Roll in me! I believe certain people have a natural talent and have the ability to compose amazing music without extensive knowledge of whats been done before or advanced scoring abilities. However, it was a nice day and I particularly enjoyed the lunch time concert that the students put on. As I sat in that concert hall, I was amazed at the thought that I too have performed in that very same hall several times, many years ago with my school. Of course then, I was living a different life but being back there again made me realize how far I have come as a musician and person and I am happier than I have ever been before!

And now, for today, I'm going to kick back in the sun with some lovely food and drinks and great company.
It can't be all work and no play! ;-) 


PS. Music Audio Stories are coming on Funky Kids Radio tonight at 7pm if you want to tune in and listen. Here's the link: http://www.funkykidsradio.com.au/