Tuesday 20 December 2016

Speaker at Women Economic Forum 2017

I am thrilled to announce that I have been invited to be Co-Lead Speaker at the Women Economic Forum in 2017! :-)

About Women Economic Forum (WEF)

Women Economic Forum is part of the All Ladies League (ALL), the largest international network of women from across the world and the only global women’s chamber connecting women of inspiration from ALL countries and cultures.

With 40,000 members in over 150 countries (and growing), ALL is like an “Internet of Women,” with a unique all-inclusive ethos of celebrating diversity. ALL is the only chamber in the world to offer completely free membership to women. The only eligibility is to bring positivity and uphold a culture of helpfulness. They believe that through more engaged, vibrant and supported women’s leadership, humanity can regain its lost vision, balance and purpose. They are a spring-board to success for all women and help their businesses to grow beyond borders and boundaries.

Rise of the feminine and the path of peace

I will be speaking on Day 2, Wednesday 1st February at 3:15pm on a panel with two other ladies about the rise of the feminine and the path of peace.

This is really an AMAZING event for me to be involved in. At the ballet boarding school I attended, the girls in my class were very nasty. In fact, it was known that my year was considered the most bitchy year the school had ever seen! Unfortunately this experience left me with an inability to establish good relationships with women as an adult.

I ended up in the male dominated field of Sound Engineering and Rock'n'Roll. My band Lilygun eventually became all boys, all of my friends were guys and I even became the dude in my relationships lol! I was constantly in my male energy and I had completely lost touch of my feminine side. Sure, I've always looked feminine, but I behaved like a man!

As I have mentioned in a previous Blog post, in the last two years, I have been on a spiritual awakening and my life has transformed because of it. I had to rather painfully break myself down to get to the heart of me. I discovered there was so much more to life than I was living! As my attitude and behaviour changed, I began to attract other situations and people into my life. I began to meet other women who I liked and who inspired me! They proved to me that there are women in this world who do care and support you. In fact I found a whole new group of business women and entrepreneurs I admire when I began to network at various events. I'm currently working together with one of them on a project I absolutely love!

I discovered I had a passion to help other women because I know all about living in a tough man's world. I know all about masculine and feminine energy and how to keep a balance so that you can lead successfully without losing touch with your feminine side. I want to help women empower themselves because I have learned how to empower myself and in doing so, I've found peace in my heart.

I've found my feminine power.
Have you found yours?

Let's become better girls, daughters, mothers, business owners and women by abolishing comparing, competitiveness and criticism.

Let's replace it with positive self talk and support.

Let's revel in our strength, inner beauty and power.

Let's do it today!



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