Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Autumn Falls

I can't believe we are in October already! Where is the time flying to? Last month was great but I have to admit, as the end of the year is approaching, I feel a slight sense of panic! I question whether I have accomplished enough and at the same time, I am proud of my progress!

The Hidden River Festival was brilliant! It was a lovely day and the weather was beautiful which made the event even more enjoyable.

It was a pleasure to be part of such a lovely festival with a great ethos based on community spirit, nature preserve, and family fun. All the things my company Music Audio Stories values!

We used our new Roller Banner and had a lovely big space to set up our merchandise. Our new CDs were a hit with the children! In fact, one excited little boy ran over to our table, grabbed a CD and ran off with it!  The CD reappeared a moment later when his slightly embarrassed father brought it back to us, before purchasing one of our Storytime Packages! 😆

Read more about this event here: our-day-at-hidden-river-festival

This month, I have been creating Mind-Maps and trying to get clear on my targets and goals for the rest of this year! I've been working closely with Jenika (my illustrator) and my closest friends to come up with solid plans for the future of Music Audio Stories! I feel so grateful to have such a strong team of people, always there to help, advise, be constructively critical and offer me support, at times when I need it the most.

Long term ideas are now taking shape and in time, everything will unfold. In the meantime, I have a few more events coming up beginning with my Halloween Inspired Storytimes, which I will tell you about later, and I am super happy to announce that I have recently completed my sixteenth Music Audio Story! 🎉 This story won't go into production until next year, as I am working on a few other audiobooks already.

I also played Bass in my friend's music video which was fun and I can confirm that I will be back on stage again with his band next month, which is exciting! Some people on Facebook have been asking me if they could see the TV interview I did with Dawattie Basdeo when we were interviewed live on BEN TV Breakfast Show! Well, here it is...



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