Sunday 24 July 2022

Here and There, This and That

Ok, so normally, I would be using this time writing this blog post to tell you about my next Music Audio Stories event and I will, but first I want to write about something else. Quickly!

Anna Christina from Music Audio Stories
Since my last blog post, I did have another event and it was a huge success for many reasons. Last weekend, I took part in Brompton Annual Open Day. It was the first time setting up the Music Audio Stories stall with my new picture books, Storytime supplies and my interactive space for children.

A table may not seem like such an important thing to write about but I felt so proud, just seeing all of the fun things I have created over the years for children to enjoy, all laid out looking so beautiful. With the evolution of my company, so too has my stall evolved and it's still growing all the time. I spend so much time rushing here and there, doing this and that, I rarely have a moment to contemplate what I am achieving. But standing there, at my stall, looking at my products, I've never felt so proud of myself.

I have spent years testing my products to make sure they meet my high standards so I could go out into the world with confidence and say, yes, children love this. Yes, this is recommended by teachers. Yes, parents love it too and yes, reviewers and customers have given these products 5-star ratings!

I'm glad I took my time to try to perfect every detail because now, nothing is giving me more joy than seeing children reading and enjoying my new picture book in particular. I realise this is only the beginning of my book journey but so far, it has been extremely well received. Both the parents and children love the concept of the book with the audio and activities inside. I've had so many wonderful comments on the story, the colourful vibrant illustrations and the high-end quality of the book. It was well worth the great effort and investment put into it.

I am about to start my Library Book Signing Tour tomorrow which is so exciting! A new phrase of my life and business has already begun and I know that life will be busier than ever before but I am 100% up for the challenge. I can do the long days that often stretch late into the evening. I can do the heavy administration involved. I can manage the many social media platforms at once (with a little help from a friend).  I can sit there making and wrapping up hundreds of books to perfection over and over again. Why? Because I love Music Audio Stories and I love the positive impact it's having on children.

Read about my last event and see photos of my table and Storytime in the chapel here: funday-in-brompton

All the years of hard work that have led me to this moment were completely worth it and I can't wait to see what unfolds in the months ahead.

♥ Anna-Christina

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