Tuesday 14 December 2021

Rapid Evolution!

Things are rapidly evolving in my life and in my business right now and it's pretty difficult to keep everything updated right now! I'll try to keep this short...

Anna Christina from Music Audio Stories

I touched on this in my previous blog post - I released a series of videos about the making of my new children's picture book and I can't tell you how enjoyable these videos were to create! It has been a thrill to see the characters coming to life on the pages! From the first few pencil sketches to finalising them in ink and then in colour, it has been wonderful to see their development. In the video series, I take you on a short journey on how the characters for my new children's picture book, Billy Joins the Circus, were created. You will see original pencil sketches, inked and coloured illustrations of the characters. Plus you will hear the soundtrack from the music audiobook! This cute series is entertaining for kids, grown-ups and everyone who loves art and illustrations.

 Check out the YouTube playlist here: The Making of a Picture Book.


This month, I have a BIG Christmas surprise announcement, a super fun Christmas sing-along song for little ones to enjoy and a Christmas message from me to end the year! Make sure you have subscribed on YouTube so you don't miss any of my festive videos!

My life is about to change in accordance with this "surprise" and I can't wait to see where it goes! I'm feeling really great right now, buzzing around here, there and everywhere and somehow managing to fit tennis practice in at my club again!

This month is going to be so much fun...

 ♥ Anna-Christina