Sunday, 1 September 2013

Promotional Videos/First Short Film

Dear all,

I have been extremely busy working hard on editing music to visuals. Two new promotional videos and one sound to a visual video have now been uploaded to my website here:
Massive thanks to Lee aka BlueCandy for contributing so much to my website. I'm really happy with it so far ;-)

I'm also very excited to be working on a short film soon! This will really put me to the test and I can't wait to take up the challenge. As well as this, me and Mr Adie Hardy are halfway through production on our 5th audio book and had a brilliant recording session last week with David Ryder Prangley and Belle Star when we recorded them voicing one of our mischievous squirrels and a ferret! The responses we're been getting to our stories so far have been excellent (you can read some reviews here: and we are so pleased with how the whole project is developing and can't wait to finish the next story. I now seem to be conjuring ideas for a Christmas story. That will be fun!

Hope you've all been enjoying the lovely weather we've been having here in London,



  1. I can't view all the new videos. :-/
    #1 stops after 5 seconds.
    #2 is fine - well done!
    #3 stops running after 30 seconds. Interesting picture though!

  2. Hey!

    Sorry you've had problems watching the videos! I'm not sure what the problem is as they are all running fine on my computer. They were a bit glitchy at first but should be ok now!
    Try again and let me know...