Monday 18 April 2016

London Business Show 2016

The London Business Show is a great opportunity to promote businesses. It is a powerful and productive platform for people who want to gain clients, promote projects, create publicity and get advice from mentors and entrepreneurs.

I'm a member of the London Entrepreneurs Network group. With over 25,000 members it is the ultimate networking and learning opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners in and around London and the UK. The group has been active since 2008. They help business professionals, investors and like-minded entrepreneurs, exchange knowledge and build successful new business partnerships. They cover all business sectors, so it's easy to make new contacts.

Last year I went to a seminar organized by them and I found it very useful. They hosted this year's London Business Show at Westminster Central Hall and once again, I found the event enjoyable and inspiring. It's wonderful to have the opportunity to speak with other business owners and entrepreneurs and I find I always pick up useful tips and ideas that help with running my own business. It's also very reassuring to hear the challenges of juggling many jobs at once from other business owners! At times, the amount of work can be overwhelming but it's all worth it in the end.



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