Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Pretty Little Lady?

This project is one of my spin-off projects from my band Lilygun.
A long time ago, I was sitting in Mr Bailey's house with a group of musicians and they were all jamming. One of them asked me to play something and I said no! It wasn't because I wouldn't, it was because I couldn't! This will sound completely crazy because I am a singer in a rock band, but I've never been able to sing in front of other people in any situation that doesn't involve me being on a stage with 3 other musicians rockin' out.

Fronting a loud energetic rock band is completely different to the intimate settings of any acoustic performance and I was always very impressed when I encountered solo acoustic acts performing around London. I couldn't even do karaoke!

And so I decided to face my fears... "Pretty Little Lady?" is a concept I invented for a series of solo acoustic gigs I began to perform this year. The half an hour long set was made up of new songs specially written for these gigs and a Garbage cover song. If they had turned out to be a disaster, I would have just stuck to what I was good at however, they were very successful and I ended up having a lot of fun.


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