Thursday, 6 July 2017

Something Dark and Creepy!

This month is Lilygun's month!!! Lilygun's Inside Music Video is out now and had over a thousand views in less than 24 hours on our Facebook page over the weekend!

Some of you may get a bit of a surprise when you see it!
Yes, that IS me!!!
Meet the dark twin side of AC... ;-)

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This week I received the most amazing phone call from my very first Ballet teacher 💖 She saw the new Lilygun music video and decided to call me! We haven't spoken in years but she said she never forgot about me and has thought of me often!

This is so heart warming to me. She spotted my talent before anyone else and I'm so lucky I had such an amazing teacher like her who believed in me and set me on my path as a performer and musician when I was 8 years old (even though at the time, 8 years old was very late to begin Ballet!).

She commented on how fierce I look in the video which made me laugh, but also how she could see my ballet training in my movements. Movements instilled in me by her, all those years ago! My body has its distinctive shape because of her!

Most of us have that one teacher who saw something special in us when we were little, who gave us the self-belief we needed at the time to pursue our dreams. Aren't we lucky! I hope that one day, I can inspire someone to follow their dreams the way she inspired me to follow mine.


♥ Anna-Christina 


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