Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Year Round-Up

I’m so proud to say that this year has been my most successful year yet! :-)

What began as a small college assignment has turned into an amazing, fun, inspirational and awesome adventure with my invention of Music Audio Stories! I get to work with such talented actors and musicians and a true master of magic, my Busy Bees partner Mr Adie Hardy. We know we are creating something very special and it makes us so happy to see the great results we’ve had this year. From amazing reviews to awesome Story Times at schools and nurseries, it’s been a fantastic year for us and we are extremely grateful.
The project has taken me to places I never thought I would be and it’s changed my life. I can’t wait to release our first album next year and write more stories. If you want to check out what we’ve done so far visit:

Adie and I also launched our new website: which I’m also very proud of and we have some very exciting projects coming up next year too!

I‘ve been writing the next Lilygun album and even though the band didn’t get to perform this year, I did get to play some fun solo acoustic gigs and perform at a great festival too. I’m currently in the middle of recording all of my acoustic songs and will be doing some exciting things like videos and things next year. I have recently posted a cover song I play on YouTube and on Lilygun’s website so check that out here: if you haven't seen it already! ;-)

Apart from my career really taking off this year, I’ve also had a great year personally. I’ve been on somewhat of a spiritual journey. I’ve done Self-Defence, played bass in one of my idols band’s, visited amazing places, been to awesome concerts, and somehow managed to upgrade my studio to a high professional standard without breaking the bank! I’ve been extremely lucky!

It sounds korney, but dreams really do come true with hard work and effort. You just have to keep going no matter what. When things don’t go right, I’ve learnt that “every negative event contains within it the seed of an equal or greater benefit” (Napolean Hill).
Stay true to yourself and never give up on your dream. We are all here for a reason and we all offer the world something special in us just being here.

I genuinely can’t wait for next year and I wish you all health and happiness in 2015!
Big love to everyone who has helped and supported me this year, I salute you all xxx


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