Tuesday 24 November 2020

Exciting News!

I'm super excited to announce that next month, my company Music Audio Stories will be launching a brand new website! And as if that wasn't exciting enough, I will also be launching a set of audiobooks to go with the vibrant, fun new look!

Music Audio Stories new website coming soon!

I have been working very hard on bringing you a fun and easy to use website to discover my world of musical stories! I have created a colourful fresh look and feel, complete with new logos, Key Illustrations, and artwork. All of the pages on the website have been updated and I have added a new gallery and 'Get Involved' page which shows you how you can get your kids involved with my interactive activities and artwork submission. You will love the Music Audio Stories design revamp!

To go along-side the launch of my new website, I am releasing a series of audiobooks, merging Storytime with Anna Christina and Music Audio Stories! I have given my new products a lot of thought...

Given our current situation with COVID-19, I have had to stop my Storytime events. This has made me feel very sad indeed as I loved my workshops with the children and families at libraries and other public events! And so, I have decided to focus my attention online and find new and exciting ways to bring my Storytime into your homes.

My new set of audiobooks features introductions by me and super cute new cover artwork. I am releasing these audiobooks as part of a series called Storytime with Anna Christina Volume One. I will be posting more detailed information next month...

Music Audio Stories is evolving, and with that evolution comes change. And what better way to show this than with an awesome new look! I've had fun working together with a group of extremely talented artists, creating a high quality look for Music Audio Stories. Only the best for my loyal followers!

I am buzzing with energy and ideas and I can't wait to reveal them all to you over the next few months!

Watch this space...


Music Audio Stories





  1. Many many #Congrats and looking forward to your new posts on your audio stories!