Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Multitasking Master

As always, lots going on at the moment! Here's a quick rundown...

I landed my first two narrating jobs with Zeff Music! 😎 I narrated two recordings for their new range of Audio Branding solutions. Have a look here:

Composer/narrator Anna-Christina recording narration at Unit 2 Studios, London
Obviously because of Music Audio Stories, this is the sort of thing I am good at but this was a new experience for me. To be honest, I wouldn't have thought about narrating for other people's projects but it was such a cool experience, I would definitely consider doing it again!

Design Your Ship

I feel blessed to have worked together with Founder/Head Trainer at Design Your Ship, Andreea Vasile.

 I recorded 3 tracks which include a 20 minute morning meditation, a 2 minute rampage meditation and an instrumental track. These meditations help you to align to the love force and impress on the subconscious mind beliefs which create Gratitude, Joy and Prosperity. I loved every minute of working on this project and I am extremely proud of it!

If you are a Speaker, entrepreneur or someone thinking about recording your meditations, training programs or turning your books into audios but feel unsure of the experience, read Andreea's Blog post here:

I'm really good at this!

Leggend Report

Super excited to be collaborating with director Charles Solly on his Zombie Project! More details about this coming soon but in the meantime enjoy this film clip...

Performing Live This Month

Also feeling very excited to be playing in Brighton this week with Sister Witch, supporting Stonefield on July 5th at the Hope & Ruin. We've been sounding great in rehearsals and have begun learning new material for the forthcoming gigs ahead. Join the Facebook Event Page here:


I'm extremely proud to now be listed in 'Directory of Women in Professional Audio and Production'! SoundGirls supports women working in professional audio and music production by highlighting their success and providing a place for them to connect, network, and share advice and experiences. They work to inspire and empower young women and girls to enter the world of professional audio and music production.

I feel incredibly grateful to be part of this community. I'm like a cat... I've lived so many different lives already but this one, the one I'm living right now, is the best one of all! I'm so grateful for the people who have chosen to work with me and given me the chance to spread my musical wings.

Up and up I go...


Composer/author Anna-Christina

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