Tuesday 30 May 2017

Insight into Nature's Rainbow

To celebrate the release of Nature's Rainbow Mindfulness Meditation for Teens album, I am posting links to the downloads with a little insight into how Adie Hardy and I created the music in each track. I shall begin with the first track we made.

1. Red - Rose
Based on the red Root Chakra note of 'C', a gentle Warm Pad runs throughout the whole track giving it a spacious yet powerful feel. I used a combination of soft Bells, a Singing Bowl, Harp and Strings to form its soothing sound. A solo Violin enters towards the end of the piece before it returns to the gentle melody of the Flute. This track is filled with the warmth and beauty of a red rose and its message of unconditional love. Have a quick listen here: https://magnificentmemagnificentyou.com/product/red-rose/ 

2. Orange - Orange
The second track is based on the orange Sacral Chakra note of 'D'. I merged a soft Bass with a French Horn, a String and a gentle Pad sound to create the beginning section. This track features three different guitar parts. These appear one by one throughout the track, then layered together at the end. These guitar parts inspired my soft Tapped Wineglass and Piano melodies. This track is filled with the zesty spirit of an orange and leaves you feeling energised, refreshed and full of zest for life. Here's a sample: https://magnificentmemagnificentyou.com/product/orange/

3. Yellow - Sunshine Based on the Solar Plexus Chakra note of 'E', a drum loop set the whole track in motion. I used a Koto String giving the music a slightly oriental feel to it. The pulsing Bass line is reminiscent of a heart beat. At around 2 minutes, the music shifts and begins to grow into an uplifting melody which builds up, creating a positive, energetic feeling before dropping into a new section of music to end. This track reminds you that you are a radiant being of light and caresses every cell of your body with warmth and love. Listen here: https://magnificentmemagnificentyou.com/product/yellow-sunshine/

4. Green - Grass
The music in this track has a soft tribal vibe and is based on the green Heart Chakra note of 'F'. Brass instruments lead over a low continuous Bass drum pulse. Halfway through, the track grows with the introduction of Conga Drums and Staccato Violins. The Brass section proudly builds towards the end. This track reminds us the earth is the heart of our planet and pulsates with the cycle of life. It leaves you feeling grounded, peaceful and unconditionally loved and loving. Click here: https://magnificentmemagnificentyou.com/product/green-grass/

5. Blue - Blue Lagoon
A pulsing Drome and Sample sounds are at the heart of this uplifting track. Based on the blue Throat Chakra note of 'G', this is the fifth track from Nature's Rainbow. Guitars, Bass Arpeggios, Strings, Acoustic Drums and an Air Whistle give the music vibrant feel. It also features Harp, Vibes and a Soft Pad. This track flows over you cleansing you from head to toe, leaving you feeling invigorated and alive, shouting Yes to life, Yes to adventure, Yes to being true to yourself. Here's a link to the sample: https://magnificentmemagnificentyou.com/product/blue-blue-lagoon/

6. Indigo - Night Sky
Track number six took me into the night sky! I used a soft bell sequencer to create the feel of stars twinkling in the sky. Based on the Third Eye Chakra note of 'A', I created a gentle flowing piece of music with a female Choir, Woodwind instruments, Pad sounds, Sound Effects Strings, Harp and a Basson. This track opens your thoughts to the majestic infinite beauty of the night sky. It leaves you feeling humbled, blessed and full of hope, knowing you are a child of the universe blessed with infinite possibilities and potential. Here's a short sample: https://magnificentmemagnificentyou.com/product/indigo-night-sky/

7. Violet - Lotus Flower
The final track I created is based on the Crown Chakra note of 'B' and features a Singing Bowl to begin with. The Harp and Koto String begin with a 'question and answer' musical conversation. A blend of Wind Chimes and soft Pads create the solemn mood of the piece. All notes from other tracks appear in a short growing section halfway through. Beautiful Bass and Pizzicato Strings lead to a thought provoking end. The solo Violin pulls at your hearts strings and makes this track quietly intense and calming. This track takes us on the journey of the lotus flower and reflects on how similar our own life’s journey is. It leaves you feeling calm and peaceful and choosing to trust your life’s journey.  Have a listen here: https://magnificentmemagnificentyou.com/product/violet-lotus-flower/

I really enjoyed creating this album and feel proud of this CD. I hope you have enjoyed reading these little insights!

By the way, you can download the album here: magnificentmemagnificentyou.com/natures-rainbow-cd ;-)


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