Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Chocolate Heaven!

In October I went to The Chocolate Show! I've been wanting to write about it for weeks now but I've been extremely busy and didn't have time to go through the many photos I took! Anyway as you can imagine, it was amazing! There were truffles, bars, fudge, brownies, cakes and every kind of chocolate you can think of. It really was Chocolate Heaven!

Held at Olympia’s National Hall, it's the UK’s biggest celebration of the nation’s favourite sweet treat! Delightful and delectable things happened throughout the day such as a selection of the finest chocolatiers and pastry makers from the UK and many countries around the world introducing their new creations. Celebrity chefs were showing off their skills in the Chocolate Theatre with demonstrations. A chocolate fashion show with designs made out of chocolate and a chance to learn how to sculpt with chocolate with Hotel Chocolat's School of Chocolate.

Here are some of my favourite companies and chocolate designers I met at the show...

I absolutely love Choco Passion! Their designs are so detailed and incredible as you can see below.

I also really loved Hideko Kawa's chocolate cigars. Her company is called SweetArt Lab. How cool are these...

I went to this event leading up to Hallowe'en so of course there were lots of pumpkin heads around! Madame Oiseau's were my favourite.

And Little Black Cat Gourmet skulls and chocolate jewelry was great too.

Then there were the companies that made chocolate clothes and shoes and...

And here's some other things to marvel at...


And I must show you this!

One last thing... Chocolate Art! This was extraordinary. I was very lucky to meet the artist Matty C Pyratee Roche and see him in action creating one of his pieces.

Finally you've made it to the end of this Blog post lol! :-D

The Chocolate Show is the ultimate chocolate shopping opportunity and experience. It's a great day out and I recommend everyone go next year. I'm not sure when the next Chocolate Week is so keep an eye out for it and look up some of these amazing Chocolate Masters! :-)


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