Saturday 8 February 2014

Story Time!

This week I had an absolutely brilliant time at Eagle Nursery doing my first ever Story Time! It involved a mix of listening, drawing, and drama and it was so much fun! I had a class of 14 children aged 2-4yrs, so it was a challenge to keep their attention, but mission accomplished!

They listened to ‘March of The Ants’ and it was great talking to them about the story after they had heard it. Sharing out the felt tips, pencils and crayons was a bit manic! I brought cute suitcases of colours, but I couldn’t get them out of the packaging fast enough as the children rushed at me to get their colours! It was really quite funny!

There wasn’t any time to pack them away, so they were pushed to one side in an untidy manor! Straight away I knew, I’d need a box instead for some fast colour action next time lol! To end, I encouraged the children to act out the story with me and I had them all up marching around the room! Some of them wanted to hold my hand, it was adorable!

I’ve launched a new ‘Kids Corner’ on my website for all of the children’s drawings of ‘March of The Ants’ which you can see here:
There’s also a lovely comment from the teacher you can read there too. She was so impressed, she invited me to visit every week! It’s not possible but I’m looking forward to going back there again next month with my second story ‘Chris the Caterpillar’.

I’ve always been great with kids but I never thought I would ever be doing things like this! What a fun way to spend a morning!

All in a days work for a storyteller!


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