Saturday 30 April 2022

On Radio This Weekend

As a winner of the Funky Kids Radio People's Choice National Artist of the Year - Europe 2021 award, I was invited to do a live radio interview on Sunday 3rd April. The interview was broadcast at 7am in Melbourne, Australia.

Anna Christna from Music Audio Stories - Interview on Funky Kids Radio

My interview will be rebroadcasted, along with my music audiobook, Billy Joins the Circus, on Funky Kids Radio this weekend on:

  • Saturday at 8am and 10pm
  • And Sunday at 3pm

Listen here:

And here's a short video with a little message for everyone who voted for me to win this award! 

 BIG THANK YOU once again to everyone who voted for me! I am extremely grateful to you all!

 ♥ Anna-Christina






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