Thursday, 22 February 2018

Passion Never Retires

Exciting news this month... I was interviewed by Peter de Kuster for his online Passion Never Retires guide. It's part of a worldwide project to have stories of people who have created a life and work they love and never want to retire from. I talk about work, my greatest extravagance, favourite writers and authors and trivia in this fun interview - Passion Never Retires

Anna-Christina - Passion Never Retires interview

It's a privilege to be part of such an inspiring project.

Music Audio Stories

I am thrilled to announce that my audiobook March of The Ants has been featured on BlackBerry Kids Radio! BlackBerry Kids Radio teach children through music and games 24/7. Visit their website to hear songs for kids from ages 12 months to 12 years and participate in their community events and online giveaways here:

There's so much going on in the land of Music Audio Stories right now, it's actually quite overwhelming! As I mentioned before, I have decided to drastically change my book idea and now I am focusing on creating a series of books packaged together! There's so much to think about, consider and learn and I am trying to do things one step at a time but I do feel a bit like I am climbing a mountain right now! 😮


I was back in the studio finishing off a new project which I have been involved in. It's such a pleasure to work on music I really enjoy creating. At times, I'm doing so much business stuff, I forget I am a musician! Nothing a long studio session can't fix though. I'll be posting more details about this project soon.

Movin' & Groovin'...


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