Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Autumn Buzz

I've had an exceptionally busy few weeks so here's a very quick round-up...

Music Audio Stories

Once again, I made some time during the last half term holiday in October to visit Kentish Town Library with my Storytime for the children. I do many sessions throughout the year at schools and nurseries but it is lovely to do Storytime with parents involved as I also love to see how they react to our Music Audio Stories! I'm pleased to see my audiobooks are as popular with parents as they are with children and this makes me very happy indeed! Read more here:

Kentish Town Library have invited us back next month and seeing as it's the season to be jolly, we will be doing our Storytime Christmas Special on Wednesday 20th December at 11am. I will post more details about this soon...

Here I am at the Baby & Children's Market UK selling my products. Sometimes I can't believe I do things like this! As an entrepreneur, you must adopt a certain mindset, the "can do" mindset. You must learn to run a business and be business-minded and I can tell you, most creative people find this hard. It takes brain training 😃 you must learn how to do the hard sell!

Both the parents and the children loved my stories and my company made a profit! I surprise and impress myself all the time! This helps me to keep going... Keep going on days when I don't have a Boss to tell me what move to make next or what to do now. I feel so grateful to be on this wonderfully unpredictable, magical journey with Music Audio Stories. 💙

My Album

I'm so thrilled to announce my band's second album Strength & Grace has been reissued! When Strength & Grace came out back in July, it sold out in 6 days! We decided to reissue the album as there were so many people who didn't get a copy and it's not available as a digital download. Make sure you avoid disappointment and get your copy from now because it may well sell out again! Lilygun also released another single and music video which you can check out on the Lilygun website.

It was a pleasure to be back on stage again playing Bass in my friend's band Sister Witch this month. We have quiet a few shows coming up. They are really keeping me on my toes right now...

The Business Show 2017

Here I am listening to inspirational Speaker Brad Burton at The Business Show 2017. Can you see me?
I missed Brad speaking the last time I was at the show so I was glad I got to see him this year. I thought he was great. I love his down to earth, honest and humorous approach and for me, he was definitely a highlight of the day.

And before I forget, Nature's Rainbow, the album I created the music for, has had an amazing album review which you can see here:

Would you believe me if I told you there was more stuff going on? 😝 Well it's true, but I'll leave that for another Blog post. I think I have bombarded you with enough information for now lol!

Thank you all very much for your love and support... it really does mean the world to me.


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