Sunday, 9 August 2015

Let Them Eat Cake!

This week I hosted a Marie Antoinette themed birthday party and it was so much fun! I have an extremely hectic schedule right now but I made time to make a day special for someone dear to me.

 I rushed around shopping for all the food the day before so it would all be fresh on the day and I cooked a lovely Chicken (Quorn) Sauté dinner and made chocolate covered strawberries and a few other bits and bobs :-) I didn't have time to make my own cupcakes but Lola's are AMAZING!

I thought carefully about the colors and brought some decorations that fitted the theme perfectly and made my own birthday plaque for the main table. I even have the soundtrack to Sofia Coppola's movie, so I had that playing at the start of the party which made many lol!

AC - Super Party Planner :-D

♥ Anna-Christina  

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