Friday, 27 March 2015

Living A Double Life!

Today, I literally made 84 children smile and laugh with my Music Audio Story 'Robert & Johnson's Space Adventure'! It was AWESOME!

Somehow I've managed to invent something that is not only creatively fulfilling but instantly shows me direct results of all the efforts made! It helps that I'm naturally good with kids but I never thought Music Audio Stories would take me to all of the cool places it has done in the last year! It's unbelievably hard work make no mistake, I'm doing about 15 people's jobs right now, but the rewards I am achieving really do out-weigh that. It makes me feel so proud to see the children engaged and happy when they hear my stories, and the comments from the teachers have been amazing! Most of the teachers don't know I'm the author of the stories, they think I'm a teacher!

Suddenly I am bringer of sunshine and happiness...

Talk about living a double life hahaha...


PS. You can check out their drawings here:

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