Tuesday, 1 March 2016

March of The Ants Drawing Challenge!

This month, not only are Music Audio Stories giving away a FREE download of one of our audio books but we're also inviting you to get involved!  

Free Audio Book Download

We're giving you the chance to hear one of our audio books for free! This story has had amazing reviews and a 5 Star Rating.

Story Synopsis

Sid is the smallest of the ants, and no one notices him at all! One day he joins the other ants in a march and soon grows very tired. But when a storm suddenly soaks them with rain, it’s up to Sid to save the others from the rising waters. The pace is quick, as befitting a march, and will draw children in with young Sid’s heroism. This story is told in rhyme and includes a lively original classical soundtrack with nature sounds throughout the narrative.
Story length: 3m58s | Age: 2+

To read the reviews, see photos and more about this story click here: March of The Ants

The Challenge

During my Story Time March of The Ants has stirred excitement with the children. At every single nursery and school I have visited, they have loved marching (like the ants) all around their classrooms, chairs and desks and the very young children around their toys. Even the teachers all joined in! It's so much fun! Usually when I leave, they are still marching around! :-D

So this month, we're asking you to get involved with our March drawing challenge. Here's what to do:

1. Download your FREE AUDIO BOOK fromt www.musicaudiostories.com

2. Listen to the story with your children and join in by getting them to march to the music. Trust me, they'll love it! ;-)

3. Encourage your child to create a drawing of our story

4. On the bottom right hand corner label the drawing with your child's first name, their age and the date

5. Send us the drawing via our Facebook, Google+ or Tweet us @musicaudiostory.

We'll add their drawing to our Kids Corner making them part of our creative world forever!

If there are any "big kids" out there who want to join in, please do! Adie and I are planning on making drawings too!

We can't wait to see your creations. Enjoy our story and our March of The Ants Drawing Challenge!


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